Data Subject (“Visitor”, “User”) Consent to Personal Data Processing

Last revised: 30 June 2022

We guarantee that we will process any personal data provided by you (the "User" or the "Visitor") in strict compliance with all the requirements of the Russian personal data legislation and the personal data security and processing policies of AO Business Solutions and Technologies (the "Operator"), as well as other internal regulations of the Operator.

You hereby consent to the processing of your personal data by the Operator located at 5 Lesnaya St., Moscow 125 047, Russia, and you confirm your consent by either of the following:

(1) by continuing to visit the Operator’s webpages at and its subdomains (collectively, the "Operator's Website") and use their functionalities;

(2) by ticking the box "I agree to processing of my personal data as per the Data Subject ("Visitor", "User") Consent to Personal Data Processing, Privacy Statement and Cookie Notice" when filling in relevant forms on the Operator’s Website.

By giving your consent, you agree that the Operator will process personal data provided by you in the relevant forms on the Operator’s Website, as well as the information about you collected through your use of the Operator’s website and its functionalities.

We process such personal data as may be necessary to achieve one or more of the following purposes:

(1) to process and respond to any query (request, suggestion, comment, complaint, testimonial) you may submit to the Operator or its affiliates, as well as to provide information services to you;

(2) to build a base of subscribers to the newsletters of the Operator or its affiliates, to build a base of subscribers to various events held by the Operator and/or its affiliates, or to collect data via surveys conducted by the Operator and/or its affiliates;

(3) to offer you services provided by the Operator and its affiliates and to conduct business negotiations with you;

(4) to enable you attend events and meetings hosted by the Operator and its affiliates;

(5) to send you targeted advertisements;

(6) to enable your participation in trainings offered by the Operator and its affiliates.

We will conduct automated or non-automated processing of your personal data through operations such as collection via open web channels, including acquisition from third parties, recording, classification, accumulation, storage, refinement (updates, alteration), retrieval, use, transfer (provision, access), anonymization, blocking, deletion and destruction of data. The Operator may provide and give access to your personal data only to its employees, affiliates, and third parties that are bound to maintain confidentiality of any personal data received from the Operator, including cross-border transfers of personal data to countries that provide an adequate level of their protection.

The Operator may also process the following information, without limitation, collected through your use of the Operator’s Website and its functionalities:

(1) the IP address assigned to you by your Internet service provider and used to access the Operator’s Website;

(2) information about the pages you have accessed, your access dates and times;

(3) the names, number, and types of the files you download from the Operator’s Website;

(4) the duration of your user session;

(5) your cookies;

(6) your browser and device;

(7) your search queries;

(8) geographical location of your IP address;

(9) your name;

(10) your email address;

(11) your telephone number;

(12) your employer;

(13) your position;

(14) your physical address/registered address/place of residence;

(15) any other information that you provide to the Operator when interacting with the Operator’s Website and using its functionalities.

This information may be collected through the use of various technologies, including cookies and web beacons. We may collect information using the functionalities of the Operator’s Website or third-party providers, including Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika. Third-party Internet service providers do not and cannot match the information they receive to the personal data you provide in the relevant web forms on the Operator’s Website that allow to identify you. Third-party providers collect and store information using their own computing devices. The Operator is not responsible for the physical location of such computing devices.

This Consent shall be effective from the date when it is given to the date when it is revoked.

In accordance with Article 9 of Russian Federal Law No.152-FZ On Personal Data dated 27 July 2006, you may revoke this Consent by sending a written request to the Operator’s address, or its email address (, or by filling in the "Contact us" form on the Operator’s Website. If you revoke this Consent, the Operator may still have a right to continue processing the respective personal data without your consent, subject to the criteria set out in Article 6, Part 1, subparagraphs 2−11; Article 10, Part 2 and Article 11, Part 2 of the Russian Federal Law No. 152-FZ On Personal Data dated 27 July 2006.